2019 Online Registration

Event will be held March 1 through 3, 2019 in conjunction with the Toronto International Bicycle Show, Better Living Centre, Exhibition Place. Confirmation will be sent along with the time you are scheduled to compete.

Entries will be limited for the 2019 event. Entries close February 25.

All entries will receive two complimentary passes to the show. There will be a waiver at the show that each competitor must sign prior to taking part in the event.

Those under the age of 18 will require a parent or guardian to sign them in at the show. Competitors will enter the show through Door 16 located on the South East side of the building just off Lakeshore Blvd and across from the main parking lot.

Entry Fee - $40.00 CAD

2019 Online Registration Entries close February 25, 2019.

Please give us the name of and your results at any 2 previous contests you have competed in along with the year and location.

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